Massachusetts man sentenced to 12 years in prison on drug charges

Thirty year old Joshua Snow, of Lynn, Massachusetts, recently plead guilty to charges of possession with intent to distribute oxycodone. He was sentenced in federal court in Maine to twelve years in prison as well as six years of probation upon release.

According to court records, Snow was discovered to be in possession of 500 oxycodone pills when pulled over by police officers. Snow allegedly admitted that the pills were his and that he intended to distribute them. In my opinion, based on the limited information given, this admission made to the officers was the main evidence that allowed for Snow to be charged with drug distribution. There is no mention of the packaging of the pills, presence of cash, or any other incriminating evidence. Though the quantity was extremely excessive, if Snow had a valid prescription for that amount of oxycodone there would have been no other evidence of his intent to distribute. Snow’s statements incriminated himself and allowed for him to be charged with a much more severe crime.

Additionally, though it may seem that twelve years in prison and 6 months of post prison probation are unheard of in relation to a drug distribution matter, Snow was found to be a career offender which subjected him to harsher sentencing penalties. No matter the offense, a Defendant’s criminal record is always a factor when deciding what disposition to reach in their case. Snow’s best bet was to be advised by a skilled criminal defense attorney in regards to his case and the possible penalties.

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